2021—Watch Out!

The slot canyons in Antelope Valley are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They are accessible only by steep ladders and stairwells that lead down into the narrow canyon floor. But oh, the colors, the textures, the patterns; they are spectacular. The pathways twist and turn for a couple of miles until suddenly you’re back outside. The sky is visible in narrow slits far above. I came across this step midway in our travels. It really struck my fancy. Not only is the lettering welded crudely onto the metal step and who knows how long ago it was done? It says simply, ‘Watch Out,” an ominous warning. It doesn’t say “watch your step” or “Be careful” or “take care.” The step leads suddenly around a blind corner so I guess, “watch out!” is appropriate.

2021—Dotted with Pollen

This female Anna’s Hummingbird was hovering in front of the California Fuchsia just outside my kitchen door. Her target blossom is almost completely out of view, and just the end of long pistil, protruding into the left side of the frame, is visible. The hummer’s beak is dotted with pollen from her previous visits to the blossoms. The sticky end of the pistil is designed to grab the pollen to fertilize the flower.