2021—In The Clouds

We’ve been really lucky to have clouds so far this week in Monument Valley. We weren’t supposed to have any after our first day here and we’ve had them at various times each day. The presence of moving clouds gave me the opportunity to make an interesting time lapse video. I have used my tiny Nikon Z50 with its 16-50mm lens to make two time lapse videos so far this trip. The first video had more dramatic clouds so that’s what you’re seeing above. I set the camera on the tripod on my balcony which I strapped to the railing in case wind came up. I started the camera taking pictures mid afternoon and left it there for a few hours. When I returned to my room that evening, the battery had exhausted in the camera. I don’t know how long the camera ran or how many photographs it took to create the video but the Z50 created this 5 second video from all of the images taken at 30 second intervals. It’s kind of fun to see the shadows and clouds appear to race across the landscape.

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