My new Nikon Nikkor Z MC 105mm macro lens is such a joy to use. It is light weight and versatile. It gets right into those nooks and crannies that often get over looked. I wanted a subtle reflection of this strawberry but a mirror or glass over a black background would create a double reflection which I didn’t want. Then I remembered watching a KelbyOne video about wedding photography back when I was getting ready for the first of my two unfortunate forays into wedding photography. Scott Kelby used an iPad as the background for a closeup of a pair of wedding rings. My old iPad worked perfectly for this background and gave the results I’d hoped for. I shot this strawberry using Nikon’s focus shift feature in the Nikon Z 6II with a couple of NikonSB5000 speed lights set to very low power. Then, using HeliconFocus, software from HeliconSoft that I learned about from Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill, this nifty software magically took 40 raw images and within a couple of minutes merged them into a single stacked image with all parts of the strawberry in sharp focus.