2021—Which Camera?

Nikon D6 with 500mmPF

Nikon Z6II with 500mmPF and FTZ

This Broad-billed Hummingbird is another example of a flying jewel from Madera Canyon. Throughout the week, I alternated between using my Nikon D6 and my Nikon Z6II both with the Nikkor 500mmPF telephoto lens. Both cameras gave me spectacular results. I took the first shot using the Nikon D6 at full resolution, without high speed crop. I took the second shot using the Nikon Z6II also at full resolution. An extension tube mounted between the lens and the camera reduced the minimum focusing distance of the lens by almost two feet which made a big difference in image size because I was able to get closer to my subject. Two Nikon SB5000 speed lights, one on either side of the lens with mini soft boxes made this male Broad-bill’s feathers dazzle.