2021—Deep Purple

My new Nikkor Z 105mm Micro lens arrived yesterday after languishing for severals days in a FedEx facility in Southern California. I have read so much about this fabulous new Nikkor lens, especially from Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill whose macro photography has fascinated me for the past couple of years and I am excited to try lots of new techniques with this lens that are outside of my comfort zone. It offers so many unique possibilities and I look forward to venturing into new territory. I usually use my macro lens for flower photography but Joey Terrill has given me lots of ideas to try new and different things. This is my first subject for my new lens. It is a purple sea urchin shell. I have had this shell for many years but I am sorry to report that purple sea urchins have begun to devastate the once-lush kelp forests of seaweed that used to hug the California coastline. Shockingly, since 2014, 95 percent of the kelp has vanished across a large part of the Northern California coast. Despite this devastation, I decided to use this shell as my first macro subject for my new Nikkor 105mm Micro lens because of its color and because of the radiating pattern on the shell. I wanted as much as possible in focus so I took this shot at an aperture of f/40 and used Nikon’s vivid color space to emphasize the color of the shell.