Northern Pygmy Owl Sibling #1
Northern Pygmy Owl Sibling #2

Watching the Northen Pygmy Owls for hours one afternoon in Madera Canyon was a delightful way to pass the time. Northen Pygmy Owls are among the smallest owls in North America. The Elf Owl, the smallest owl, nests directly across from our cabins at Santa Rita Lodge and one evening, we did see one, peering out of its nest cavity in a telephone pole about twenty feet up but we didn’t photograph it because it was dark. On the other hand, the Northern Pygmy Owls spend lots of time outside in the daylight and we were fortunate to photograph two siblings. The top photograph is the first one we watched for several hours before it flew toward its nest mate in a far tree. The second photograph is the more newly fledged owlet. They both have taken on the appearance of the “wise old owl” already at their young age. Amazingly, these little guys are only about an inch bigger than the Rivoli’s Hummingbird