2021—Steiff on Steroids

When I was growing up, my oldest brother, Artie, had a Steiff Mohair Teddy Bear that he probably got as an infant in 1941. It was pretty ratty and moth eaten when I discovered it sometime in the 1950’s. I quickly learned that it apparently had some value to my Mom (probably sentimental then but they now sell for hundreds of dollars) because I got into trouble for using the bear instead of a ball to play catch with my next door neighbor. My mother stashed the bear away then and although it did reappear from time to time, I don’t know whatever happened to it in later years. Looking at the Kodiak Brown Bears I was reminded of that Teddy Bear and think that the Kodiak Brown Bear must have been used as its model. Of course, the real thing is Steiff on steroids!

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