2021—Black-crested Titmouse

One of the things I love about traveling around the country (and sometimes the world) to photograph birds is that I get to appreciate and admire the many species I don’t have the opportunity to see in Northern California. The Black-crested Titmouse is an example of that. This bird lives in Texas year round and no where else in the United States. Although I’ve been to South Texas in past years and have even seen this bird, I have not photographed it so it was a real treat that I had a three chances one morning to photograph it on our third day there.

2021—Intense Red

The intense red of a Male Northern Cardinals is gorgeous. This male was drinking from a pond in South Texas near the Rio Grande a few weeks ago. He was so close to us that I had trouble keeping all of his tail in the viewfinder. There is a bubble of water in his beak. I never tire of seeing these beauties. We don’t have Northern Cardinals on the West Coast.