2021—Location, Location, Location

This Bullock’s Oriole is enjoying a dip on a warm afternoon at 26.546020° -98.532067°. These GPS coordinates pinpoint the exact location where I photographed this bird in Texas last week. What is so intriguing to me about that is the camera I used, a Nikon Z6II, does not have built in GPS like Nikon’s flagship D6 camera and I didn’t have an external GPS tracker attached to the camera. I was able to get the GPS coordinates through a setting in Nikon’s SnapBridge App. Once I set the camera so that it talked to my iPhone, the iPhone GPS coordinates are automatically transferred to the camera. What is even more intriguing is that the camera keeps the setting so that turning it on and off or removing the battery does not negate the setting. Once turned back on, it will continue to record GPS coordinates so long as the iPhone is in talking distance of the camera. Now I can stop trying to remember to take an iPhone photograph at locations to document the GPS coordinates.