The new Hoodman eyecups for my Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras arrived Sunday (thank you Amazon). For me they make a world of difference when I use the Z camera bodies. I use the round Nikon DK-19 rubber eyecups for my DSLR cameras, and they allow me to push my eye against the eyecup to steady the camera and keep it still. I sometimes wear my glasses instead of my contact lenses when I shoot and the round eyecups work well for me with glasses as well. There is no way to firmly press your eye against the eyecup that is mounted on the Z bodies. When I learned that Hoodman makes an after market eyecup for the Z bodies (but not the Z50) that also works well with glasses, I ordered one for each body. When they arrived, I mounted them and shot some macro shots of the Lantana that is in bloom on my patio. The new eyecups enable me to press my eye against them to stabilize the camera. This shot is actually two shots merged into one. I took one shot focused on the center of the Lantana and one shot focused on they yellow flowers. I merged them in Photoshop, aligning and blending the two photographs into one.