2020—It’s National Hummingbird Day!

When I found out this morning that it is National Hummingbird Day (the first Saturday of September) and since I adore hummingbirds, I knew I had to create a post in honor of this day. There has been lots of hummer activity in my garden the past few days and there are more than the single male Anna’s who dominates the feeders. This female Anna’s Hummingbird, apparently exhausted from chasing and being chased around my yard, was content to perch and tolerated me while I was firing my D6 with the 500mmPF just ten feet away. Even though I kept moving to get a better background, she could barely keep her eyes open. I have frequently captured an instant when a hummingbird blinked when I pressed the shutter release. But this morning I fired off 300 shots and in more than 100, her eyes were either closed or half closed. I’d like to think she knows I’m not a threat but I think she was just too tired to care.