2020—An Unforgettable Encounter

Never in my wildest imagination did I think that I might get this close to a wild grizzly bear. But I did last year in Alaska. My Nikon 500mm PF lens loses focus at just under ten feet. The next frame in this series is out of focus. What an unforgettable encounter. Joe, one of our very competent Alaska Bear Adventures guides, kneeled a couple of feet in front and to the left of me as the young bear approached our small group that had been kneeling for hours watching the antics of a mama Griz and her trio of three year old cubs. Joe talked calmly to the bear as it ambled directly toward me. Prior to our arriving, we had been coached about what to do if a bear walked toward us. To my surprise, our guides told us to keep shooting. So I did. My heart was pounding but it was such an exciting event that I wasn’t ever afraid. And, the cub turned away a few seconds after I took this shot. Unforgettable encounter indeed. I’m looking forward to having another one next year.