2020—Circle of Life

Flowers on the succulent Echeveria “Deranosa” appear on long stems that emerge from the center of the rosette in spring. The bell-shaped flowers open slowly one by one. I’ve been fascinated with the tiny flowers curled into a circle on the end of the flexible spike and tried to photograph them but my attempts did not do them justice. Then I decided to try the Nikon Z7 focus shift shooting technique I used on the rose in yesterday’s post. The curled cascade with the open flowers at one end and the closed buds waiting to emerge made me think of the circle of life. I did have to cut the stem (ironic given the title of this post) but I first made sure there were more stalks emerging from the center of the rosette. So, the circle of life can continue for this plant. I took fewer images (21) for this final image than the rose and I change the focus step width so the increments were a little further apart because I was getting some ghosting when I merged the images. Nikon Z7, FTZ, Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 micro lens.