2020—Taking Social Distancing to Heart

The Bushtits usually bathe en masse. I’ve counted as many as a dozen crowded onto my backyard fountain at one time, piling on next to each other. But in these days of social distancing, it would seem that even these tiny birds are taking the message to avoid close contact to heart. Friday about noon, I was outside when I noticed the azaleas behind the fountain starting to shake, the cue that the Bushtits are arriving. I had my camera in hand so I sat down several feet away and waited. Only two appeared, one male and one female. And for some reason, they came down to the fountain one at a time and bathed separately. As soon as the second flew down to the fountain, the first flew back into the azaleas. The first shot is the male, looking adorable. The second is the female. The eyes of the males are dark making them cute. The eyes of the female are yellow giving the females a perpetually annoyed look.

Nikon D500, Nikkor 300mm PF, Nikon TC-17E II