One of the most memorable performances in the bird world can be seen on a lek in the Midwest where male Greater Prairie-Chickens display and vie for females. Last April, these male Greater Prairie chickens faced off in the fresh snow in Nebraska. Their brief skirmish was in the hopes of impressing one of the females watching from the sidelines. Nikon D5, Nikkor 500mm PF, Nikon TC-14EIII

2020—Sandhill Crane Migration

A couple of years ago we were in Nebraska in April when thousands of Sandhill Cranes flew in to roost on the Platte River one evening as the sun set. It was quite a spectacular scene as the sun, partially obscured by clouds, silhouetted thousands of cranes in the sky. Each spring, the majority of the world’s Sandhill Crane population rests and refuels on the Platte River as they migrate north. It is an awesome sight. If it weren’t for the current situation in the world, I would be leaving for Nebraska in a few days in the hopes of witnessing something similar. So, instead, I am making a virtual visit there and remembering and sharing some of the incredible sights I have seen there. Nikon D5, Nikkor 300mm PF, Nikon TC-14 Eii.