2020—Z Stacking

Nikon Z cameras have a feature that enables the camera to take a designated number of photographs while moving the focus point methodically throughout the scene. Then the resulting photographs can be “stacked” in Photoshop or other software so that only the in focus parts of each image are assembled into a single image, and the entire image is in focus. This method is very useful with macro images because macro lenses have such a narrow depth of focus that only a small portion of a given subject, if it has any dimension at all, is in focus. I used this feature in my Nikon D850 but hadn’t tried it in a Z body until Easter Sunday. Betty Boop, one of my most prolific roses, is just beginning its spring display. I thought it would make the perfect spring subject to test out this feature on the Nikon Z7. I used the Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro lens with the FTZ connector and three SB5000 speed lights linked with Nikon’s wireless WR-R10. I positioned one light on either side of the rose and one at the bottom of the rose and adjusted the output to 1/64.