2018—Blast Off

It is the Snow Geese at Bosque del Apache that create the most memorable and impressive spectacle.  It is called the blast off and it occurs over and over again each day at places throughout the refuge as migrating Snow Geese congregate and fuel up for their journey north.  The blast off is anticipated by all who visit the refuge and wherever a large accumulation of Snow Geese is sighted, observers are there with cameras and binoculars to experience the event.  Thousands of Snow Geese suddenly take to wing at once in a cacaphony of honks and a thundering of wing beats.  Sometimes they swirl and settle on the pond or field only to do it again.  Sometimes they disappear to a far pond or field, leaving the observers smiling and appreciating this spectacle of nature and looking forward to the next one.

Bosque Day 2 AM 00112-1.jpg

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