2018—Stoneman Bridge

There are several stone bridges that span the Merced River at various placres in Yosemite National Park.  The bridges were constructed in t he 1920s in the early days of the park.  The Stoneman Bridge crosses the river near the Lower Pines campground. From our vantage point, we looked toward Glacier Point but because the clouds hung so low in the valley that afternoon, there was no view from the bridge, only mists and fog.  We stepped down to the bank of the river so that we could center the bridge in the photograph.  My fear of stumbling down the embankment kept me at a slightly higher place than the others who managed to stand on boulders at the very edge of the river.  Despite being a little further to the left than would have been ideal, I am still pleased with the placement of the bridge and the misty look and feel to the background.

Yosemite Day 4 01053-1.jpg