2018–When the Rain Comes

The rain has been almost constant in Yosemite Valley this week. The weather has made this a challenging and exciting week of photography. That has not deterred us at all from photography since we are following Moose Peterson’s philosophy about rain and camera gear: When it’s too wet for us, it’s too wet for the camera gear. We don’t use rain covers for our cameras. Instead, we keep dry towels tucked in a pocket and periodically pat the camera to soak up the rain drops and clean drops off the front filter. Thursday morning put Moose’s philosophy to the test. Our plan for Thursday morning was to walk to Yosemite Falls, just a short distance from the Yosemite Valley Lodge where we’re staying. A storm cell stayed over us most of the night, delaying our start by an hour. At 7:30AM, we set out for the falls and no sooner had we set out than the skies opened up again. We kept walking on to the falls. We were able to shoot from a couple of vantage points before the rain became too much for our gear. Within less than a half hour, we were driven back, completely drenched, our drying towels too wet to daub the cameras dry and our gear needing some TLC.

I’m from fire scorched and drought stricken California so the rains are more than welcome. Yosemite Falls was dry last week so the sounds of the gushing falls was thrilling to hear.

In this shot Yosemite Falls is visible through the tall trees, as they swirl with mist and rain partially obscures them.

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