2018—Shadow Self-portrait

Friday morning we were at Horseshoe Lake on Mammoth Mountain.  U.S.G.S scientists detected naturally occurring Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas in the vicinity of Horeseshoe Lake and other areas on the Mountain in 1994.  Since then they have been monitoring the gas, measuring the concentration and rate of gas discharged from the ground.  The higher than normal concentrations of CO2 are responsible for killing approximately 120 acres of trees next to Horseshoe Lake and elsewhere on Mammoth Mountain.

I guess the high levels of CO2 coupled with the altitude (6,550′) caused me to take this photograph of some of the trees killed by carbon dioxide creating a shadow portrait with shadows of the trees and me in the middle.  I used my D850 and my 10.5mm fisheye DX lens to create this image.

Shadow self portrait.jpg

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