2018—Only as Big as Your Thumb

I have been busy printing photographs to go on display along with those of other members of my camera club at a local hospital.  We’re hanging photographs under the Art Can Heal program so the prints have to have subject matter that is not disturbing.  I will be hanging 13 prints, mostly birds and a few landscapes.  While considering what I might print, I revisited my files from my last year’s trip to Costa Rica.   At first, I thought I’d print this adorable, no bigger than your thumb, Spurrell’s Leaf Frog  (also known as Spurrell’s Flying Tree Frog).  He is irresistibly cute to some, but I have a good friend who is terrified of frogs so he fell off the list just in case someone else is as afraid of frogs as she is.  Then, another friend wondered if I was going to make a blog post today because it was noon and I hadn’t posted one yet.  So, since the files were at hand, here he is, along with a shot of him to prove that he’s no bigger than a thumb.


Spurrell's Leaf Frog.jpg


Spurrell's Leaf Frog on thumb