2018—Quite a Pair

Faith and Matt are siblings.   At their ages, they have unbounded energy.  Spending an afternoon photographing them was quite a challenge for me.  Their attention span, especially when it requires standing still for a minute, is very short.  I had great plans to use off camera flash and soft boxes, but, as they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.”  The flashes and soft boxes never made it out of my camera bag let alone used to add some fill light in the dappled shade.   I did enlist their mother to hold the reflector overhead to shade them when the midday sun created too many distracting specular highlights in the background and on their faces.  After deciding that the wheelbarrow wouldn’t work as we’d hoped to get a shot of them both in it, Faith settled down and Matt looked over her shoulder, grasping the edge of the wheelbarrow.  A perfect, unanticipated pose.  They make quite a pair.

Faith and Matt 1 blog

2 thoughts on “2018—Quite a Pair

  1. It’s so fun to see Faith grow up over the years! This is a lovely portrait of her- and her brother. Perfect light!

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