Standing close to a looming granary with a telephoto lens can produce interesting results.  Here, I used a telephoto lens, the 70-200mm f/4, set at 150mm on the D850 at ISO 64, f/5, 1/160 sec.  The challenge was to show the natural gradient produced by the cylindrical shape of the granary.  But, to do this correctly, the right edge had to have just enough light reflecting on it to create the rounded depth without revealing anything but the edge of the metal structure.  When you’re hand holding, it can be a challenge to keep the camera  perfectly horizontal.  It took a few tries, but, to my own amazement, I was able to hand hold, keep the camera horizontal, and keep the right side of the frame at the very edge at the structure without getting any of the sky behind it in the frame.  I did not crop or straighten the shot in Photoshop and the gradient in this photograph is natural lighting, not a Photoshop gradient.

Silo Gradient 3.jpg

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