2018—Wobbly Baby

There is something irresistible about baby animals.  Bison calves are no exception.  Here in Custer State Park in South Dakota, bison calves are dropping.  The calves are reddish brown, much lighter in color than the mature adults who are a dark, blackish brown.  This  adorable  week-old calf approached us unafraid on the road where we’d stopped one afternoon.   It seemed to be searching for its mother who at the time was no where in sight.  There were three bulls up a hillside nearby but they were ignoring the calf who wandered toward us as if to ask, “Where’s my mom?”  I knelt on one knee and turned my camera to vertical to get this shot as the little one looked directly at me and wobbled in my direction. The young calf, its umbilical cord still attached, eventually went back up the hillside and lay down near the bulls until finally, mom arrived.  I took this shot with the Nikon D5; 300mm PF lens; and 1.4x teleconverter.

Bison Calf.jpg