2018—And All That Jasmine

Monday, as I waited for Homer the Hummer to appear, I photographed the jasmine that cascades over the little table on the patio.  A couple of days before, Homer actually hesitated at one of the jasmine flowers as he flew past to the feeder.  Although there aren’t many flowers in bloom now, the jasmine was only the slightest deterrent despite their heady fragrance.   And, he was too fast for me to photograph him at the feeder on this day.

I was lucky to photograph anything actually.   I came home from the Grand Canyon with a scratched cornea, the result of very dry air and wearing contact lenses too long.  The condition drove me to the eye doctor Monday morning so now I’m on antibiotic eye drops and saline ointment in the hopes that the abrasion will heal quickly and my vision will clear.  It’s a good thing my camera has Auto focus!

And All That Jasime.jpg

One thought on “2018—And All That Jasmine

  1. Ouch! I had scratched corneas twice- so painful!!! I hope you heal quickly! Lovely jasmine!

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