2018—Point Of View

There are lots of points along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to view its splendor.  Last week we visited Hopi Point, Yaki Point, Moran Point, and Lipan Point.   We spent 2 and a half hours  at Lipon Point on Wednesday afternoon and I spent most of that time NOT taking photographs.   There were clouds but for the most part, they were more of an overcast than an interesting view.  I learned a lesson in restraint and that it is better not to take photographs when there is nothing to photograph.  Even at the Grand Canyon, the view can be dull and uninteresting.   When the clouds started to develop some character, I did take a few photographs.  This is one of the very few I took that I thought was appealing.

Grand Canyon Day 2 PM 0187-1.jpg

One thought on “2018—Point Of View

  1. Cool clouds. worth your wait. Have you ever considered converting one of your secondary camera bodies to IR, it’s a great way to bring out cloud detail.

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