2018—Yosemite Coyotes

Most of the wildlife sightings in Yosemite last week were fleeting.  We saw a few deer crossing the road; we watched ravens scavenging; we heard the sounds of pileated and acorn woodpeckers and nothing more.   But, on our last morning as we pulled to the side of the road to photograph from one of the famous photographic viewpoints of Half Dome that Ansel Adams used, a coyote in its thick winter coat was so intent on capturing its morning meal, a small rodent tunneling below ground, that our presence was not noticed.  We were closer to these coyotes than we were to the wolf kill in Yellowstone, only a hundred feet or so.   When Sadie, Moose’s English Beagle who accompanied us on the trip, let out a loud bugling bark from the van where she was confined.  I captured the look of the coyote as it turned its head to see where the threatening sound had come from.

Yosemite coyote.jpg


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