2017—Vicarious Cool

As I was driving to my second dental appointment of the afternoon on Monday, I watched the temperature, registered by my car’s thermistor, rise from 109° at my house to 113° when I finally parked in the shade 40 minutes later at my dentist’s office near the American River.  As I drove, the temperture fluctuated, reaching 118° a couple of different times.  I’ll fight anybody who says global warming isn’t real!  I do realize that the temperatures registered by my car are influenced by the temperature of the asphalt roadbed.  The more accurate temperature recorded by official weather stations was 109° at my dentist’s office and 108° at my house.

I’ve been thinking about Haines, Alaska since yesterday when someone at my camera club made a presentation about photographing bald eagles there last November.  Afterwards, I came home and went through some of my Haines photographs.  My visit to Haines in December 2015 was cold and snowy.  With the current heat wave, and similar highs expected for the remainder of the week, I wouldn’t mind setting a snow-booted foot back there.  This is a view of the Chilkat River taken from the Haines Highway.  Somehow, it gives me a vicarious cool!


haines landscape.jpg

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