Unless you live under a rock, you know that yesterday was the first total eclipse to pass over the continental United States in 99 years.  Where I live, the eclipse was only 80% complete so there was not nearly the dramatic impact that was expected in areas of total eclipse.  The stars didn’t come out and we couldn’t view the sun’s corona but, that didn’t keep people here from gawking in fascination as the moon passed in front of the sun, dropped the temperature a noticeable few degrees, and created crescent shaped shadows of leaves on the pavement.   We had an Eclipse Party of sorts at my gym.  My friend Cindy passed out Moon Pies, Milky Way Bars, Sunny D, and Sun Chips.  We shared Eclipse-friendly viewing glasses with those who didn’t have them and crowds came and went as the moon invaded the sun’s silhouette at one point looking like the Cheshire Cat smiling down, then becoming the familiar crescent of the flag of Turkey, then moving away completely.

eclipse awe.jpeg