2017—Judy, Judy, Judy Again

Two years ago when I brought this Judy Garland tree rose home from my Mom’s house (it was in a pot) I posted a shot (click here) of it.  Sunday morning, the sun focused on a single rose on the tree and I captured this.  Two years ago, I used a macro lens and focus stacked a number of images.  I took this single image with my 24-120mm lens on the D500.   Within less than a minute, the sun moved and the gorgeous light was gone.  (ISO 100, f/9, 1/50ss)  The two images, one using a macro and combining several images, one a single image, are remarkably similar even though I used entirely different photographic techniques to take and process the images.  However, I think I prefer this image because it seems more dramatic.

Judy Garland Rose.jpg