2017—Port A Before

Hurricane Harvey has devastated Port Aransas, Texas where I have visited every year for the past ten years.   It’s been difficult to get news accounts about Port A because  access to it is limited because the ferry on Highway 361 has ceased operation and debris on the road from Corpus Christi has prevented access.  Saturday evening I finally saw some video from Port A which shows it hasn’t been leveled but lots of the familiar streets and businesses aren’t recognizable.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to make my annual visit next January. Time will tell.

Here are a few shots I took from the Jetty Boat on the way to St. Joe’s Island this past January.  St. Joe’s was also hard hit.

Gull Port APort A Jettypelican port A

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  1. We’ve been following this and saw that Port A was in the path. 😢 Great photos- hope you will be there again this winter.

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