A couple of weeks ago, my friends Bob and Anne rescued a once scraggly pooch from an unfortunate beginning in a  Southern California puppy mill.  Renamed “Ernie” upon arrival at his new home in NorCal, this adorable Havapoo  (Havanese Poodle mix) is healthy, thriving, and adjusting to his new home.  Ernie joined the Eclipse Party at the gym on Monday and seemed to enjoy the festivities.  If you look closely, you can even see the eclipsing sun reflected in Ernie’s left eye.

Meeting Ernie brought back wonderful memories of Cinder, the beloved Poodle mix mutt that my brothers and I grew up with.  Cinder was a little bigger than Ernie.  Today, they’d call her a Labra-Doodle, a cross between a miniature poodle and a much larger Labrador Retriever, but she wasn’t a planned puppy from a puppy mill but one of several puppies from a neighborhood litter of mutts.  When people would see Cinder hanging out the car window they would shout, “Look, it’s the Shaggy Dog!” because she looked so much like the title character of the then popular Disney movie from 1959, The Shaggy Dog.



2 thoughts on “2017—Ernie

  1. Good Morning, Carol……………We survived the “totality” and the crowds of humanity that came to Central Oregon to see it. Cinder was a special dog and I fondly remember our trips to Wright’s Lake with Cinder and having her jump out of the car when we arrived and head to the lake for a swim. Ernie is Cinder and I wish him a long life with nothing but happiness and a lake to swim in. Love, Brother Art

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