When my brother moved to Bend, Oregon last year, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t planning to spend his winter removing several feet of snow from the driveway and clearing pathways for the dogs to go outside.  This winter’s multiple storms in Bend have dumped more snow than has been seen in the area since the 1920’s.  I arrived Saturday for a belated Christmas visit to a chilly 14° high temperature at mid afternoon.  But Sunday, the sun was out and the afternoon high was 30°.   Icicles are everywhere clinging to the eaves and the sunny day started them dripping and cracking off, threatening to impale anyone walking near them.

Ice Cicles.jpg

One thought on “2017—Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. LOVE the image, just hope that you and your MKZ are VERY careful getting around and getting home. My 1st was totaled on black ice when an idiot in a pick up wasn’t paying attention- Enjoy your visit and BE SAFE my friend!

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