I don’t know what it is with me and rainy weather but whenever it’s raining outside, I want to play with water…inside!  The storm was splashing buckets of water and I felt the need to make my own splashes.   I found an old pilsner glass  from my Mom, filled it with water and proceeded to drop slices of Meyer lemon into the glass in an attempt to create interesting splashes.  I finally had to stop because the towel was getting too wet to protect my floor and my gear was getting splashed on.

I combined these two images side by side because I liked each of them and although they’re similar, they create an interesting optical illusion.  The glass is the same size in each image and at the same level but the glass on the right appears taller.  My take on this is that the splash on the right adds height and so the glass appear taller.

(Manual mode; ISO 100, Focal Length 60mm, f/22, 1/4000, Flash compensation -.7 [with two flashes])

Double water splash.jpg

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