2016—Grazie alla Madonna del Lume

Today, I have chosen to indulge myself with my favorite meal:  fresh cracked Dungeness crab and crusty San Francisco Sourdough bread, along with a zesty bottle of Zinfandel. I realize the Sourdough is not Paleo but sometimes you gotta go with the real deal!  I will not miss the traditional Thanksgiving turkey but I will miss family and friends who graciously invited me to join their festivities.  Because I’m leaving early tomorrow for another photography adventure and I needed to spend Thanksgiving Day getting ready for my trip,I chose to stay home and do my own thing.

And, this year, I am especially thankful because last year there was no local Dungeness crab due to harmful neurotoxins that cancelled  crab fishing south of Washington State. It’s been quite a while since I have enjoyed this delectable treat.  This year, the Patron Saint of the fishing fleet, the Madonna del Lume, came through for the fishermen and all of us who enjoy this delicious crustacean.  Mille, mille grazie alla Madonna del Lume!


Dungeness Crab 2.jpg

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