2016—Oh, Woe Is Me

After reviewing my photographs from the Moose Moose Trip (photographing moose with Moose Peterson) I had to chuckle at this one.  Bull moose spend a lot of time laying down and dozing.  In fact, we watched a couple of bull moose laying down quite close to us (this shot isn’t cropped) for most of 5 hours on our last full day in Anchorage.  Much of the time their heads are up, and they appear to be watching their surroundings and are wary of other bulls approaching but every once in a while, they  stretched out and lay their heads down, taking off a little of the burden of the weight of those antlers.  This one looks as if he’s still feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He reminds me of my brother’s Golden Retriever Mady who has this same look when I’m dog sitting her and she is wondering when I’m going to take her for a walk.

Moose woe is me.jpg

2 thoughts on “2016—Oh, Woe Is Me

  1. Sweet expression! He’s probably looking forward to not carrying those huge antlers around (talk about Big Bertha!).

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