2016—What Color Is Your Gorget?

My pineapple sage is in full bloom and the hummers are loving it!  I think it’s fascinating that depending on how the light hits the hummer’s gorget, it appears pink, gold,  rosy gold, or black.  These shots show the same hummer in a series of photos taken over several minutes as it buzzed around in search of the best tasting sage blossom.  The gorget color changed with every wingbeat.

I took these shots while sitting on the patio about 12 or 13 feet away from the sage.  I hand held the D5 with the 3oomm lens and the 1.7X teleconverter attached and set high speed crop in camera.  By the way, if you’re not familiar with the term High Speed Crop (it’s called DX mode in the Nikon manual) the setting basically turns my full frame camera into a crop frame camera, resulting in an in camera crop from FX (full frame) mode at a crop factor of 1.5.  With the teleconverter and HSC, my 300mm lens becomes a 750mm lens.  HSC is so-called because it increases the frame rate over FX mode.

pineapple sage hummer.jpg


pineapple sage hummer 2.jpg

pineapple sage hummer 3.jpg


pineapple sage hummer 4.jpg


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