2016—Kicking Back, Moose Style

On Sunday, our last full day in Anchorage, we walked down to the German Bridge and crossed Campbell Creek where, as had been reported by lots of friendly Alaskan trekkers, we found at least 7 bull moose hanging around, about 150 feet or so away from our vantage point.  They mostly just grazed, and relaxed, and grazed again, and lay down and nodded off, and a few made  half-hearted gestures of jousting with another bull moose, but not seriously as these bouts lasted only a few minutes and between butts, the contenders would bend down and nibble something before the next head butt.  We watched them from about 10 AM until about 4 PM when we started the one hour trek back to the vehicle.  A fascinating day.

Apparently, it is not common in this season for two bull moose to tolerate the presence of each other, let alone join in an afternoon siesta. The second shot is fascinating to me because those huge racks of antlers span probably 50 or more inches and they must weigh a lot.  I guess it is a relief to be able to rest that weight for a time.




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