2016—View from German Bridge At Campbell Creek

On Sunday, our last full day of photographing moose in Alaska, we  hiked all the way to what is called “German Bridge” over Campbell Creek, about three miles from the Glen Alps Trailhead where we started each day.  This was the furthest down we’d trekked with our gear but we were rewarded big time with at least 7 bull moose in view at one time.  Our own moose, Moose Peterson, said it was the most bull moose he’d ever seen in one place at a time in all the years he’s come to Alaska to photograph them.  What a thrill for us.  Those moose shots will appear in a later post.  Today’s post is the view from German Bridge, so called because it was donated by the German Club (about 80 members strong) of Anchorage about 8 years ago and it allows trekkers to cross Campbell Creek on their way to other destinations in the park without getting their feet wet.    I wanted to slow the water and give it a silky look so I bracketed 7 shots, some underexposed some overexposed to get a nice exposure.

View from German Bridge.jpg

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