2016—The Distant Hills

I’m home from Australia but I haven’t quite recovered from flying across the International Date Line.  That does something to your brain.  I wasn’t affected going to Australia but returning home has been a challenge.    Although I’ve been home about 48 hours, I’m still trying to acclimate.  I lost a day going and I got the lost day back coming home, but that hasn’t yet registered with my body.  Hopefully, I’ll return to normal soon.

Because I’m still a little loopy I’m not quite yet ready to concentrate on editing the thousands of bird photographs I  took in Australia.   I saw thirty seven species of birds, most of them new to me, and I photographed twenty-four different species, sadly not all successfully.   However, I got enough good captures that I’m very pleased with the results and it was a fun and rewarding trip.

I took this photograph at sunset the evening I arrived at O’Reilly’s.  I loved the layered look of the distant hills.

The Distant Hills.jpg

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