2016—Parrot Head

I like Jimmy Buffett but I hadn’t considered myself a Parrot Head until I visited Australia and found my head covered with parrots.  These parrots are Crimson Rosellas (red and blue) and Australian King Parrots (red males and green females) who live in and around O’Reilly’s in Lamington National Park.  They are wild but they are accustomed to people and  take advantage of the sultana raisins and walnuts offered by staff and tourists.

Moose Peterson took “official” portraits of each member of our group bedecked in parrots.  The day before, we all practiced a little portrait photography with our 600mm lenses.  I was first up so Moose took photos of me using my camera and the first shot below is one of the test shots.  During the official portrait session the next day, Moose used his 24-70mm lens and a soft box to improve the lighting.    Moose’s wife, Sharon, documented the chaotic and fun photo shoot and I took a video of Richard’s portrait session using my iPhone [click here to view video] ; it features Moose, Kevin, Sharon, Eric, and Richard.  The birds spent quite a bit of time frolicking on our lenses and camera bodies (not to mention our own heads and  bodies)  but there was no permanent damage to us or our equipment although a couple of parrots tried to nibble on my lens hood.

Parrot head Moose 4.jpgParrot head 2 Mooseparrot head moose

3 thoughts on “2016—Parrot Head

  1. Adore these shots!!! And I think you know L and I have seen more JB concerts than we can count and are definitely parrot heads! I saw the parrot portraits on Moose’s blog and was hoping there were some of you!

  2. You should wear a parrot in your hair more often. Very flattering photos that make you look very happy. I hope Bobo isn’t jealous.

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