One new photograph, almost every day of the year

2016—R.I.P. Band-tailed Pigeon

The band-tailed pigeons at Moose Peterson’s house are not welcomed with open arms there.  This largest of pigeons lives in the pine forests and arrives in flocks to dominate the feeders and the perches near the feeders, scaring the smaller birds away.  When suddenly all the birds became silent and disappeared one afternoon, Moose suspected a sharp-shinned hawk was in the neighborhood.  It wasn’t long before large white and gray feathers wafted past the deck from the rooftop, signaling the demise of one of these unwelcome birds.  I’m not sure if this bird was the unfortunate meal for the sharpie but if so, I’ve preserved it for posterity.  R.I.P., band-tailed pigeon.


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