2016—White-headed Woodpecker Revisited

When I visited Moose Peterson’s house last December for some one-on-one instruction with my 600mm lens, I photographed a white headed woodpecker from inside his office.  Moose’s office is spacious and airy with lots of large windows and a sliding glass door that provide prime viewing of the birds that frequent his feeders.  The doors and windows remain open whenever there is an opportunity to shoot, regardless of the weather or outdoor temperatures.  I’m told that sometimes snow blows into the office.  It didn’t snow while I was there in December but it was chilly and the deck and railing outside the sliding glass door was covered with snow.   Weather during my June visit was much nicer but it still got a bit chilly in the office with all the doors and windows open.  I’m not sure if this is the same  white-headed woodpecker from   six months ago , but I got a better shot this time.


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