2016—Fast Food

I originally decided against including this photograph when I posted egret photos from the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge because the subject matter might be offensive or repulsive to some.  But, in nature, survival of the fittest continues to prevail and this great egret was merely hungry.  It is just nature, after all.  This kind of scene airs on PBS’ “Nature” all the time.  The egret stood frozen as it stalked its prey moving through the deep grasses.  As I watched, it occurred to me that the vole was literally “fast” food for the great egret.  The egret managed to stop it, then quickly devoured the little creature.   It was high noon when I took this shot so the shadows are very stark and the photograph is contrasty but I think the subject matter makes this shot  fascinating.


One thought on “2016—Fast Food

  1. The ratio of solo Egret pictures to Egrets with prey is great. It’s a lucky catch & deserves to be seen . L.ike you say, it’s nature and part of life.

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