2015—Em Kay Zee

Meet my brand spanking new 2016 Lincoln MKZ in Bronze Fire.  I fell in love with this car after spending several days in my Texas friend Connie’s MKZ while we roamed the Galveston area in search of birds to photograph last spring.  When Consumer Reports rated the MKZ higher than the Lexus in the luxury sedan group, I made up my mind that I would own this car.  Finally, with a little help from Costco’s car buying service, Ford’s year end incentives, and 0% financing, I struck a deal and picked up the car on Sunday afternoon.   During the negotiation process, Future Ford told me that Bronze Fire MKZs were hard to find and they didn’t have any cars in my color in stock.  When I told them I had to have that color, they found one at another dealership but it didn’t have the retractable panoramic roof I wanted.  When I came to my senses and realized that I would probably never use such a feature in Sacramento’s hot summer weather, I “settled” for the moon roof. But as it turns out, I didn’t “settle” for anything, really.  Just what doesn’t this amazing vehicle do?   It came with bells and whistles I didn’t even know were options so when I found them on my new car, I was astonished.   I have much to learn about my new wheels, including its top of the line sound system and its heating, cooling, AND massaging seats!  When I saw the car Sunday for the first time, I realized the Bronze Fire color is almost the same copper color that I loved in 1969 Pontiacs and back then I had wanted that color in my first ever new car, but sadly for me, the 1969 Firebird didn’t come in that color so I bought a gold one instead.  While I loved my Firebird and drove it for 27 years, I think the Lincoln MKZ has taken its place in my heart!  I love my new car.

MKZ -0569

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