2015—Mendenhall Glacier

There were still a couple of hours of daylight remaining when I landed in Juneau about 1PM.  I asked at the hotel what I could do and they suggested taking a taxi to the Mendenhall Glacier.  The taxi dropped me off about 2:20 and I arranged for it to return at 3:30 when the sun set.  There were lots of other people out there, some walking their dogs, one photographer using the glacier as a background for clients getting pregnancy announcement photographs, and others just looking from the designated lookouts.  I decided I wanted to get as close as possible and followed the beach for a while.  It’s a large area and the trails, while marked, aren’t marked well enough for a directionally challenged person like me so I kept my eye on various groups of people ahead of me.  I forded a couple of shallow creeks but balked at one that would have required me to step in a foot of water.   I didn’t have time to find the less challenging trail before dark so I didn’t get right up to the glacier.  I took all of these shots within the hour before sunset, not exactly golden hour in this frigid area.

Juneau, AK-1760Juneau, AK-2005Juneau, AK-1969Juneau, AK-1980

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  1. Oh my! And your trip hasn’t even started yet!!!!!! Glad you have warmies to wear :)! And I even saw Jordan!!!!

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