2015—Wet Paint

I drove to the San Francisco Airport Tuesday to get fingerprinted for my Global Entry card so that I can “zip” through customs when I travel abroad. We’ll see how that works. But, it was a gorgeous, clear, sunny day in San Francisco so my friend and I had lunch in the Marina District then went to Alioto-Lazio Fish Co. near Fisherman’s Wharf to pick up some Dungeness Crab. The crab was fresh but it was from Washington State. Dungeness crab season varies along the coast and doesn’t start until November 15 in San Francisco. Until the local crab season starts, crabs arrive live from Washington and are kept in holding tanks until they are boiled to succulent perfection so the likes of me can savor every bite.

Walking back to the car, I saw three people painting a huge mural on a wall. I’m not sure what it is depicting but I enjoyed watching the muralists dab a little paint, then step back and survey what they’d done. I never managed to get all three painting at once. I was amused at the tiny “wet paint” sign taped to the wall near the area they were painting.

untitled shoot-9431

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