2015—Controlled Chaos

Piles of colorful crab pots waiting to be put into use caught my attention the other day walking around Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. It struck me that as chaotic as they appear, on closer inspection, the lines are neatly coiled in each pot, the colorful floats are distributed equally within each pot, and the pots are neatly stacked, all a sort of controlled chaos. I emphasized the word lines in deference to my brother who pointed out my incorrect use of the word “rope” in my post yesterday, advising me that once off the spool, the rope becomes a “line”. I edited the shot in Topaz Impressions and modified one of the Georgia O’Keefe filters for it.

With regard to the unused crab pots, it’s possible they won’t see action for some time this season, if at all. An article in the paper Thursday morning said that the California Department of Fish and Game is considering delaying indefinitely the November 15 opening of Dungeness crab fishing along the Northern California coast due to a massive coastal algae bloom that contains a sometimes deadly toxin and is caused by El Niño which warms the coastal waters. It is ironic that the storms expected to be produced by El Niño this winter with the potential to bring much needed relief from our long running drought, could decimate the California fishing industry already suffering from drought-related problems.

untitled shoot-9402-Edit