One new photograph, almost every day of the year

2015—Electric Mady

Mady is staying with me for a week or so and we took a walk late Monday afternoon, just as the temperatures peaked at about 90°. I tried to keep Mady in the shade as we walked along the trails at Dry Creek Community Park but they’ve cleared away lots of the vegetation since I was last there and although there are still trees shading Dry Creek, much of the trails are in sun with bare ground and short stubble where the vegetation was trimmed away. Mady spent much of her time staring up at the trees. I supposed she expected a squirrel to come running down a tree trunk but nothing came our way this hot, dry, sunny fall afternoon. I did manage to capture a few in focus shots of Mady as she concentrated on whatever she saw in the trees. In this shot, she was momentarily distracted by someone walking on the trail. It was a good shot of Mady but I wanted to add some drama so I edited it in Topaz Glow to electrify the scene.


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