2015—The Tower Bridge

I’ve lived in the Sacramento area for more than 40 years. I’ve driven across the Tower Bridge, which spans the Sacramento River, countless times when I was working in downtown Sacramento. I’d never walked on it until Tuesday evening. The bridge is a “vertical lift” bridge, which allows the center portion of the bridge to raise up to allow tall boats to pass under it. My friend Cindy and I were scouting out shooting locales for an upcoming engagement photo session for a friend of Cindy’s. The engaged couple love the Tower Bridge and asked if we could use it as a backdrop when it was lit up at night. We found lots of possibilities for the upcoming session.

Tower Bridge-8101

Tower Bridge-7940

Tower Bridge-7946

Tower Bridge-8042

3 thoughts on “2015—The Tower Bridge

  1. I’ve always loved this old bridge- and you’ve really captured its beauty in these shots. It will make an fantastic background for the engagement photos!

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